Group Companies

SIVA EXPORT CORPORATION, specializes in processing of essential oils to produce pure isolates/chemicals. We have pioneered cold pressed, also known as Virgin Oils from renewable vegetable plant kingdom – NUTS & SEEDS. These oils are healthy alternates to refined unsaturated oils and are considered a part of the health supplements and find applications in pharmaceutical and personal care sectors as well.
Drawing inspiration from around the globe and developing in-house expertise, these specialty oils are cold-pressed (temperature below 35°C) in a continuous PRESS under most hygienic conditions. As no refining is done and extraction is under most mild conditions, there is no possibility of transformation of CIS Essentially Fatty Acids (EFA) to their TRANS configuration – thus making these oils more effective & stable from nutrition point of view. Cold-Pressed oil are best source of vitamins (oil soluble), steroids and flavonoids, making them valuable in health food & personal care applications. Because of natural antioxidants present in these oils, there are more stable products.
We have two manufacturing facilities, one at Noida (U.P., India) and the other at Baddi (H.P., India) each having a capacity of processing 1000M-tonne of oils per annum.
We are the most trustworthy source of many aroma ingredients for domestic market.

SOM EXTRACTS are pioneers in mint cultivation & extraction of oils in North India. Since 1973, when we initiated a mint revolution in Badaun, our sustained growth has come as a result of technological advances as well as dedication to the prosperity of customers.
Even today Som Extracts maintains a team of agricultural experts who guide the growers to harvest a matured aromatic crop for optimum yield of oil.
Our State-of-the-art distillation facilities, right in the center of growing areas, make it easier for us to obtain high quality raw oils for processing.
Som Extracts possesses three fractional distillation facilities in Uttar Pradesh (near Delhi) having largest capacity to process many natural essential oils for value added isolates under mildest conditions.
We have over 40 years of experience in distillation, processing and developing highest quality natural/rectified essential oils, isolates and value added aroma chemicals.
Our corporate office is situated at 152, Patparganj Industrial Estate, Delhi – 110092, which is a prime industrial area very well located near our manufacturing units.

IKTA AROMATICS: Som Varshney Group, established in 1973, is a family owned industrial group having strong presence in perfumery industry in India & abroad. Started with a small distillation plant at Badaun has now achieved a sustained growth all across the globe !. IKTA AROMATICS having manufacturing facility at Noida with covered area of 60,000 sq ft for Herbal extracts, Spice extracts, RECON Essential Oils, RECON Absolutes, aroma isolates and resinoids as per international specifications with modern technological support. Ikta’s emphasis on developing cost effective solutions for perfumery industry has proved highly effective and have acclaimed appreciation. Group’s core activities are focused on scientific research and technological developments on natural molecules and their application in perfumery and have achieved enormous success in discovering many impact molecules from vast natural resources of our country’s biodiversity.