Research and Development

A vital ingredient of our organization…
Our emphasis on research has made our work innovative. Our scientists and perfumers are working hand-in-hand with growers to adopt most suitable practices of cultivation and post-harvest technology. The results are seen in superior quality of oils with a 100% guaranty of purity and naturalness.
The group owns a full-fledged R&D center at Noida (near Delhi). Research and Development is a continuous process for us. Besides helping to improve the quality standards of our products, this center also conducts research on new value added products based on local by-products/raw materials.
Our R&D center is equipped with Gas Chromatography, Mass-Spectrometry coupled with GC and Dynamic Head Space techniques & specialized equipment for extractions. Our unique eleven step system of quality evaluation makes us more consistent and reliable.
The group is committed for ongoing research and development. Our effort is to provide our customers with unsurpassed quality and value. The major emphasis is on working with our customers to develop new grades of products for better performance and value.